Vypin and e4Score TrackAssured Partner to Solve FSMA Sanitary Transport Challenge

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ATLANTA and NEW HAVEN, March 6, 2017

Vypin, LLC and e4score TrackAssured are jointly offering shippers and carriers a powerful, cost effective solution for visibility, alerting and analytics to comply with the Sanitary Transport rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Vypin, LLC is a pioneer in providing internet of things solutions featuring sensor-based beacons and supporting mobile/cloud management software. e4score TrackAssured is a leading provider of cloud aggregation shipment visibility services that food shippers use to track and monitor their shipments in real-time.
The complimentary Vypin and e4score TrackAssured solutions close the “compliance gap” by enabling small carriers and owner-operators to be FSMA-compliant, just like many large asset-based carriers. Leading CPG companies and their transportation partners experience benefits like productivity improvement and risk reduction from the technologies offered by the two companies.

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Vypin’s OverPass technology improves equipment ROI, increases asset utilization and yard-management capabilities, automates event tracking and reporting and enhances customer billing and billing reconciliation. It also provides real-time visibility to user’s assets including location, status, maintenance and history.

OverPass Tag“Vypin’s OverPass technology offers companies an inexpensive beacon that tracks location and temperature with a mobile application. By combining this technology with e4score’s TrackAssured system, we are delivering shippers, carriers, drivers and consignees the ‘peace of mind’ they need when the safety and quality of their freight is of utmost importance,” said Chuck Herzog, Partner, Vypin, LLC.


e4score TrackAssured’s technology aggregates tracking and monitoring data from any source, provides real-time visibility and auto-alerts of at-risk shipments, and confirmation that the shipment is FSMA compliant. Partnering with Vypin closes the gap for small reefer carriers, including owner-operators. Every carrier, even large carriers that broker some loads, can now provide FSMA compliance visibility on every shipment.

Track Assured“Our turnkey technology helps shippers and carriers get up and running quickly by providing compliance with FSMA Sanitary Transport regulations. With Vypin OverPass and e4score TrackAssured, a carrier can haul any temperature-controlled shipment and provide the shipper and receiver with full FSMA compliance assurance. As a carrier-of-choice, they’ll never again miss a shipment because they cannot provide real-time temperature data,” said Chuck Irwin, President of e4score TrackAssured.

“Consumer goods companies focus on providing shoppers with safe products they enjoy. Our solution is currently helping one of the largest manufacturers in the world meet its Sanitary Transport compliance obligations and ensure that their products are sold to customers in the same condition as when they leave their production facilities. Adding Vypin OverPass to our e4score TrackAssured solution will help this company expand automated compliance to all of their carrier partners,” said Irwin.

Note to Editors: Vypin and e4score TrackAssured are attending the Food Shippers Association Annual Conference March 5 – 7, 2017 in Orlando. Please contact Ron Margulis to arrange a briefing.

About e4Score TrackAssured

e4score TrackAssured is a leader provider of cloud-based tracking data aggregation and shipment visibility (location and temperature) solutions, on-demand and in real-time. Shippers, carriers, and brokers use TrackAssured to improve service and grow sales, improve productivity and reduce costs, and mitigate risk and ensure compliance. The TrackAssured offering is a turn-key FSMA Sanitary Transportation Compliance solution, providing temperature traceability to all parties (including the consignee) and automatic record retention. It is fully compliant with what Gartner deems are the best practices for Supply Chain – Execution. Contact e4score TrackAssured at contact@e4score.com or 1-203-533-2524, or visit our website at e4score.com.

About Vypin

Vypin builds Internet of Things (IoT) solutions featuring dual frequency Sensors and supporting mobile/cloud management software. Our wireless Sensors feature the Bluetooth® Smart international standard. No pairing. No infrastructure. Download our app software on your phone or tablet and instantly interact with our Sensors. Alternatively use one of our fixed gateways for around the clock monitoring. Upload the data to the cloud for analysis and viewing anywhere in the world.

Contact Vypin at Sales@Vypin.com or 888-498-6061.

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