Vypin Announces IoT Mouse-Alert™ Rodent Monitoring System

ALPHARETTA GA, June 6, 2018:  Vypin announces the launch of its Mouse-Alert™ rodent monitoring system that monitors and reports the status of rodent capture systems, including spring traps, cages, live catch and release traps, even plank traps.  “We didn’t make a better mousetrap – we made a mousetrap better,” reports Miles Libbey of Vypin.  Mouse-Alert is a distributed sensor network that works with just about any brand of off-the-shelf trap.  Best of all, the reusable Vypin Mouse-Alert system can scale from home use to restaurants and retail food stores to very large-scale industrial sites such as food preparation or pharmaceutical facilities.

The Mouse-Alert system is easy to set up.  Simply turn on the Mouse-Alert sensor and place it in the Alert Pad under the trap.  The sensor will arm within 30 seconds and then begin around the clock monitoring.  The sensor will broadcast the status of the trap every three seconds (up to five year battery life) to any modern smart phone or tablet outfitted with the free Vypin Mouse-Alert app.  Notification of trap activation is both immediate and persistent.  For larger operations, use the low cost fixed gateway to send the sensor data to Cloud Databases for a local, national, or world view, complete with text and push alerts as desired.

Mouse-Alert was established in response to the frustrations of a member of the Vypin management team.  The Manager’s household was stymied by critters in the attic.  Traditional traps were set; however it was a nuisance to check the attic each day.  Eventually, the traps were forgotten only to find a decayed carcass months later.  Professional exterminators were then called in; however this meant that someone in the household had to take time off from work each month to let the exterminator check the traps.  In response, Vypin engineers adapted one of the many Vypin’s Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with instant success.  No more crawling through an unfinished hot attic just to find an empty trap or wasting hours driving to a client only to find the traps empty.

Rodent issues cause up to a billion dollars in damage to US homeowners each year.  Rodents can be an even bigger headache to small business owners such as restaurants.  If you are a restaurant owner, a rodent infestation is likely your worst nightmare, and it can lead to your restaurant being shut down for good.  In several major US cities, 61% of the restaurants contain rats.  Rodents consume and contaminate food with their fur, urine, and feces.  The recently enacted Food Safety Management Act (FSMA), mandates active pest control for food operations.

Teresa Sengstaken of Vypin notes:  “Vypin brings years of Internet of Things (IoT) expertise from multiple vertical commercial markets and decades of RFID industrial deployments.  Our software is fully integrated with many artificial intelligence engines to provide the option for predictive and prescriptive analytics.  This will definitely change the current reactive model of the pest control industry.”  The cost-effective Mouse-Alert system will be available in August and sold as a subscription service.

About Vypin

Vypin provides IoT solutions and data services for real time operational visibility enabled by its unique, patented and patent-pending sensor technologies delivered in a simple yet effective low-cost architecture.  Vypin turns client operations into zones of interest, capturing asset identification, location, and state information through advanced sensors (asset status, environment status). More information is available at www.vypin.com.

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Vice President, Animal IoT

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