Silent Alert Safety System

School safety is a top concern for parents, teachers, administrators and students. It is a complex issue with no simple, single solution.

SilentSOS is the first affordable, real-time emergency notification system for schools. SilentSOS makes every building and campus a safer place for everyone.

Why SilentSOS?

  • Convenient personalized badges with an easily triggered silent alert
  • Instant notification of the time and location of the emergency to the customer’s choice of connected personnel (Security, resource officers, etc.)
  • Security/Administration may take action without alerting the perpetrator
  • Help navigate law enforcement and first responders to the emergency
  • Coordinated communication improves effectiveness of any security system

School Safety Statistics

Over 55 million children attending school every day (K-12)

Some 20 million students attend college

Gallup Poll: 40% of parents are concerned with child safety at school

150,000+ teachers reported being physically attacked at school in the past 12 months

Over 2 million students admitted to bringing a weapon to school within the last 30 days

Since 2012, there have been over 240 documented school shootings


► Badge is the same size as most ID badges on the market

► Badge has strong wireless range

► Each badge has up to a 5-year battery life

► Infrastructure simple to install and configure

Partner Options

►  Integration with 3rd Party personnel verification software

►  Coordinate timecard support

►  Integration with room / building access control, supplies checkout, and copy / printer machine control

►  Personalized skills tracking (ie. background checks and CPR certifications)