School Safety Solution Even More Affordable

School Safety is among the top concerns for parents and students across the nation. Local governments and schools have struggled to gain funding for safety and security initiatives until now.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, in a recent article, The Trump Administration approved $70 million in grants to approve school safety and security. Out of the approved grant money, over $2.5 million will go to Georgia schools through the STOP School Violence Act.

How does this help?

Schools can now access the funding through three main programs: The Bureau of Justice Assistance’s STOP School Violence Threat Assessment and Technology Reporting Program, the STOP School Violence Prevention and Mental Health Training Program, and the COPS Office School Violence Prevention Program.

Additionally, the State of GA has increased efforts in making changes around school safety and it is paying off. Both large and small schools across the state can tap into these funds to help keep kids safe. The programs will be addressing school safety from many angles:

  1. Safety and Security technologies
  2. Training programs addressing how to assess and respond to mental health problems
  3. Implementing safety measures to improve coordination with law enforcement

Vypin CEO, Mitch Bernet, comments on the news:

It is exciting to see the attention that school safety is getting from different levels of our government. As a parent and a former board member of a Georgia Independent School, I have seen this issue rise as a top concern for all parents and faculty. The federal government is stepping up to make a difference.

We can make real progress in keeping our schools and our kids safe with these new grants. Vypin’s mission has always been to improve the safety and security of the environments are customers live and work in. SilentSOS is designed to give that first level of communication so lockdown safety measures can be implemented immediately. Because of this government funding and the private funding already out there, the resources are in place to make a major difference in how these events play out.

Until now, school safety solutions have been high-priced, but SilentSOS provides the tools schools need without breaking the bank. Peace of mind just got even more affordable.


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