Safety and Security Can Be Simple.

Columbine. Sandy Hook. Parkland. Santa Fe. Tree of Life a few days ago, and countless more. Parents, schools, companies, and religious organizations face new safety and security challenges daily, and the failure to meet those challenges costs too much. Nevertheless, the bad guys are still out there, so how do we reduce the risk of the next tragedy? The debate rages on about what society can do. Do we lock down our buildings with physical security? Should the government restrict public access to certain weapons? Do we fund initiatives to address mental health concerns? That all sounds complicated, polarizing, and sometimes impossible. But, we think we have a simple first step.

At Vypin, we believe the right technology is the best way to improve safety and security at work and at home.

There are two ways that technology makes our environments safer and more secure.

  1. Prevention: According to a study done by the Washington Post, 85% of school shooters brought their guns from home. Vypin’s safeTstrap can help parents with guns ensure that nobody, including their children, can have access to their weapons without them knowing.
  2. Emergency Response: Vypin can help schools establish best practices on how faculty and staff can react to an emergency. A simple safety procedure is significantly more likely to be followed. So, faculty and staff are outfitted with SilentSOS badges that allow them to discretely call for help as soon as they need it. Press one button, and the cavalry is on the way.

There is no human-devised cure for evil. In other words, we’ll never be able to completely get rid of the bad guys. However, we can leverage available technology to make sure our loved ones come home safe. Let’s stop debating what we can do to improve safety and security. Let’s start taking action. Contact our team today to discuss the best way that Vypin can help you prevent the next tragedy.

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