Reusable Electronic Seal

Overpass reSeal™, a reusable electronic seal solution that delivers real-time visibility into shipment integrity.

An unique Vypin product – reSeal provides asset management, tampering and loss prevention to logistic managers. Key capabilities of this Overpass system include automated gate access to distribution centers, en-route notifications when seal is compromised, location-based yard management, and a delivery date/time stamp for contract audit support.  Keeping the cargo safe, lower waste of fuel in idle time and quicker turn times for loading and unloading your cargo.

reSeal ROI

►  Elimination of Headcount at guard gates

►  Reduce OS&D claims with hard data, proof positive confirmation with timestamps that there was to tamper of a shipment

  1. Insurance policy on each shipment

►  Improve efficiency of carrier base, Example: in/out 2 hours or less

  1. Decrease accessorial costs
  2. Ability to negotiate more attractive linehaul rates

►  Intermodal shipments-reduce daily rail detention charges

  1. Hard data in/out rail ramp, drayman can take advantage of mobile gateway

►  Increase efficiency of yard jockey with reSeal yard management capabilities

IoT Software Suite

Our fleet management solution is quickly adaptable, highly scalable and uniquely easy to use.  Our software “IoT Software Suite” makes it easy to track your shipments via tablets, phones or gateways. You have direct access to your data, so you can track your cargo from start to finish.  Our dashboard or Mobile APP gives you instant, online access to your data.

Blockchain Technology

reSeal can be integral to improving workflow and real-time visibility on the status of shipments

Reduce risk of collusion, tampering, fraud and cyber-crime. The opportunity for people to fraudulently tamper with or remove contents from a container or trailer is eliminated. In addition, the opportunity to make mistakes – through accidental omissions in the paper trails and record keeping is eliminated.

►  Seal integrity-once latched a unique encrypted 8-digit alpha/numeric lock code sent to cloud database

►  Cutting strap or disconnecting breached circuit sending an alert

  1. (latched, tampered, etc.)

►  SMS text message to customer and/or carrier

►  Time in transit (lock time) stored in reSeal database

reSeal ensures trusted record-keeping. By design, no one party can modify, delete, or even append any record to the ledger without the consensus from others on the network, making the system useful for ensuring the immutability of contracts and other legal documents.

By enabling the real time exchange of original supply chain events such as the date and timestamp of a trailer or container when attaching or removing an electronic seal (reSeal) and documents through a digital infrastructure, or data pipeline that connects the participants in a supply chain ecosystem, blockchain promotes sustainable transport by integrating shipping processes and partners, and establishing evaluation frameworks through increased transparency and trusted access.

reSeal Features

  • The reusable reSeal is a Circuit Tail tag with connector, locking receptacle for activation with unique Vypin common key to unlock. reSeal is flexible and impact resistant, withstanding the demands of -40C to 60C temperatures while operating
  •  This locking mechanism prevents strap from unwanted removal from items secured with reseal.  Cutting or disconnecting strap breaches circuit sending ID plus alert flag to designated system/people.
  • Wireless transmitter with antenna talks directly (up to 300 feet) to mobile phones and tablets. Also compatible with low-cost fixed cloud gateways
  • Simple to use:  Tag activates when connected, providing an unique “Seal Integrity Code” for each shipment, and providing time in transit (lock time) stored in reseal
  • Owner/Operators can take advantage of no-touch check-in at the destination, allowing them to get back on the road as quickly as possible
  • Reusability factor of the reSeal makes the cost per shipment highly affordable, cost savings in tags and reduces the time waiting for access to and from distribution centers/destinations.