Real-time data management

Vypin’s wireless 5 year battery tags offer a series of patented wireless sensors.

This provides an advantage over other active tag companies:
no pairing and no infrastructure with a 250-300 foot range.

Utilizing smartphone and tablet technologies, our products makes it possible to collect data without the need for expensive infrastructure. Our tags are optimized to work in a high-density environment of tags and quick notification of changes.

Vypin’s cloud database and custom configurable dashboard is the tool for your data management team.

We provide your customers with information that is important for day to day operations. Our cloud makes alerts that are scalable and meaningful to your industry.

Vypin Cloud Database is agile, efficient and provides insights into your company’s workload and performance.  With Vypin, you can record and retain an audit trail of your events, assess the impact of changes in state, and send alerts to key decision makers.  We synchronize our cloud to propagate localized asset names and to provide GPS based locations of the asset on a map.  Vypin aggregates your data through a cloud-based database, viewable from any browser.

Vypin uses the Microsoft™ Azure platform to make managing your cloud database applications easier and more productive for your business. Our database includes built-in intelligence that learns APP patterns and adapts to maximize performance, reliability and protect your data.

Vypin cloud database scales as needed, with virtually no APP downtime. Data protection with encryption, authentication, limiting user access to the appropriate team members to the subset of data for their job function, and real-time management and monitoring.

Our Wi-Fi and Cellular Gateways (readers) automatically scan for tags within seconds of powering on the device and read hundreds of tags simultaneously.

Vypin Gateways then connect to the Vypin Cloud (Wi-Fi or Cellular) for recording and analyzing Tag information including on-board tag sensor data. The Gateways may be remotely updated and monitored for around the clock operational performance.  Our Gateways send standard tag information to our dashboard to process temperature, motion, moisture, battery, and location.

Vypin’s microZones (interior and exterior) contain Bluetooth Radio and ISM band radio transmit tags.

Vypin microZones are battery powered UHF beacons that talk directly to Vypin Tags.  MicroZones are used to mark Tag movement in predefined locations.  They optionally control Tag parameters including advertising rate and sonic alerts.  MicroZones are also effective in Tag (asset) location operations.  Lastly, microZones help lighten Gateway services, therefore simplifying and drastically reducing infrastructure needs.

Contact Us to find out how our tags can help your company deliver real-time data regarding identification, location, movement, and the environmental conditions influencing your customer’s assets.