Transport Management Solution

OverPass collects critical identification, location, and status information for trucks and trailing equipment including trailers, containers and chassis.

The information is then delivered to your Transportation Management System through the cloud, putting it in the hands of your people so they can improve asset utilization, enhance yard management visibility, and perfect event tracking for better customer service, event reporting, and billing and bill reconciliation.  With time, date and location information captured in real time, OverPass takes the ambiguity out of equipment management, dramatically improving the ROI on your equipment investment.

Getting Started with OverPass

Time, Date, & Location Tracking

Added Chill Sensor for Temperature Monitoring

Get started by placing our VP710 tag on or in your truck.

OverPass™ Chill from Vypin offers complete temperature controlled shipment assurance.  Temperature sensors can be quickly added to any shipment for real time monitoring and/or data logging for future reference.  All temperature data is stored in the tag and read out whenever the app is opened or within range, so no temperature data is ever missed.

Seamlessly connect your tag to our OverPass app & Vypin cloud database.


Start naming and locating your app within seconds.  On your Android or Apple device, simply go to the Google Play or App Store and search for Vypin or OverPass.

Stay connected in real-time with your assets!

While in route you can be instantly connected 24/7 with your assets.  Receive alerts, monitor logistics, and maximize overall efficiency with OverPass.

Vypin Cloud Database provides insights into your company’s workload and performance.

With OverPass, you can record and retain an audit trail of your events, assess the impact of changes in state, and send alerts to key decision makers.  Our database includes built-in intelligence that learns APP patterns and adapts to maximize performance, reliability and protect your data.

Installation and Setup

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 OverPass Tag



 12 Month Cloud Subscription



 24 Month Cloud Subscription



 36 Month Cloud Subscription



Take advantage of our introductory pricing!

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

As an extension to our Terms and Conditions, we want to ensure you are satisfied with your OverPass Solution purchase.  We offer a full refund of the purchase price of the OverPass tag(s) and subscription(s) up to 30 days from the date of delivery of the tag(s).  Customers are responsible for:

  • Calling the Vypin Sales Team at 888-498-6061 for return authorization and return instructions.
  • Ensure the OverPass tag(s) and accessories are returned in their original packaging including the shipping box.
  • Responsible for all return shipping fees.

The refund will be initiated once the return is confirmed authorized and the tag(s) is found to free from modification and damage (“Qualified Returns”) by Vypin’s Return Team.  Any damage, alteration, or modification to the tag(s) will forfeit the tag(s) and subscription(s) refund.

Refunds for Qualified Returns will be processed via the original payment method you selected at the time of purchase within five business days from Vypin’s receipt of your Qualified Return.

See our Terms and Conditions for request for return greater than 30 days from the delivery date of your OverPass tags.