EverView™ IoT WorkForce Management from Vypin and LRNI Helps Companies Boost Customer Service and Ensure Personnel Compliance

Alpharetta, GA June 16, 2017:  Vypin LLC and LRNI announce the launch of EverView™ for WorkForce Management, a wireless IoT badging system that provides “peace of mind” for personnel operations.  Key capabilities of the EverView System include  workflow status of services to customers, immediate feedback when personnel approach an “off-limits” area, procedural compliance training for best practices like hand hygiene, and time and attendance.

“Installation of the system is noninvasive and simply elegant,” notes Louis Thompson, CEO of LRNI“The mZone™ architecture behind EverView allows us to quickly place AC or battery powered location markers (wireless) as needed in a facility. Employee badges collect the location markers, combine it with appropriate sensor data and forward the data to our local, campus or enterprise cloud software. Operational scorecards and alerts are provided based upon business rules and operational metrics.”

The core of the EverView WM system is the wireless BadgeTag, which is equipped with three key RF features:

  • The ability to talk directly (up to 200 feet) with any modern smart phone, tablet or gateway.
  • A second RF system that interacts with wireless location spot markers (microZones) whereby a doorway may identify itself directly to the badge.
  • Near Field Communications (NFC) for short-range operations.

BadgeTags are also equipped with motion, orientation and activity sensors; customized sensors are available. Each BadgeTag (sealed with a multi-year battery) contains a long-range assistance request or duress button.

Mitch Bernet, CEO of Vypin, states;  “The EverView solution lends itself to a wide variety of targeted workforce use cases.  For example, the OnHand™ system uses the EverView components to monitor hand hygiene in health care and food management operations, whereby workers are immediately given a reminder if they haven’t washed their hands prior to entering a patient care or food preparation area.”  The procedural logic can either be imbedded in the cloud software or within the badge itself.  Specialized antennas tailor the coverage zones, ranging from individual sink or sanitizer dispensers to broad range service delivery areas.

About Vypin

Vypin provides data services for real time operational visibility enabled by its unique, patent-pending sensor technologies delivered in a simple yet effective low-cost architecture.  Vypin turns client operations into zones of interest, capturing asset identification, location, and state information through advanced sensors (asset status, environment status). More information is available at www.vypin.com.


About LRNI

LRNI has provided wireless asset management services for nearly two decades.  A key component of their success is their RTLS (real time location services) software that has been optimized through extensive deployments.  LRNI is also a leader in localized RF antenna design (patents and patents- pending) with the ability to tailor RF signals in multiple frequency configurations. More information is available at www.lrni.com.