Wireless Medication Compliance Sensing Device

Vypin has been issued patent number 9,904,885 by the United States Patent Office. The Patent, “Wireless Medication Compliance Sensing Device, System and Related Methods” addresses the World Health Organization medication adherence as defined as “the degree to which the person’s behavior corresponds with the agreed recommendations from a healthcare provider.” 

Vypin Announces IoT Mouse-Alert™ Rodent Monitoring System

Vypin announces the launch of its Mouse-Alert™ rodent monitoring system that monitors and reports the status of rodent capture systems, including spring traps, cages, live catch and release traps, even plank traps. “We didn’t make a better mousetrap – we made a mousetrap better,” reports Miles Libbey of Vypin. Mouse-Alert is a distributed sensor network that works with just about any brand of off-the-shelf trap. Best of all, the reusable Vypin Mouse-Alert system can scale from home use to restaurants and retail food stores to very large-scale industrial sites such as food preparation or pharmaceutical facilities.