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Vypin Industrial IoT

Improving the safety, efficiency and profitability
of your company through the power of IoT technology

Vypin Cloud™ provides you with critical business insights on your data

We provide unique adaptable solutions sets, which include our cloud database, custom dashboards, and hardware products.

Designed with simplicity in mind

Vypin’s IoT solution sets are simple to install and are designed to scale as your business grows. Vypin’s technology is designed for those who are looking to make advancements in their business without a tech background to do so.

Latest in IoT Technology

Vypin’s hardware removes ancient processes of manual data collection and puts the power in the hands of business leaders through automation. Vypin’s low energy sensors communicate wirelessly to location markers and gateways placed strategically throughout your facility.

Vypin IoT Products

Wireless hardware designed with you in mind


xLink Gateway


Indoor Microzone


Outdoor Microzone


Temperature and Humidity Sensor


Badge Tag

Vypin Cloud

Making business decisions just got easier.
Real-time data.   Real-time alerts.   Real-time decisions.

Applicable Industries

Configurable solution sets to meet your industry’s specific needs


Whether it’s ensuring safety or keeping track of your high-value assets, the power of IoT can help bring your construction business to the next level. Maximize the productivity and efficiency of your time-sensitive construction projects by knowing which workers are on site and their active location.


Vypin’s WhereViewTM remote monitoring system provides actionable data to maintain the quality of your products and bring value back to your bottom line. WhereViewTM can be set up for both large and small monitoring environments and provides real-time alarms based on your products’ unique temperature and humidity parameters.


IoT has become increasingly popular in the trucking & transportation industry because it helps you track the status of your assets. Companies now rely on standardized electronic formats rather than having to manage different manual systems for load requests, load request responses, temperature reports, and status updates.


Hotels face major issues in both efficiency and security every year. Vypin’s IoT platform integrates efficiency monitoring into security badges, giving you and your employees peace of mind.


School safety shouldn’t have to be an issue. IoT gives teachers the ability to call for help quickly and easily while tending to the situation at hand, keeping teachers’ priorities where they should be.


Asset tracking in hospital settings has become an essential element in improving costs and services provided to patients. Vypin technology provides actionable information to key individuals in your organization when and where they need it, to optimize your asset utilization and increase operational efficiency.

Assisted Living

Caring for the eldery is a 24/7 operation. Our IoT platform ensures that you are never more than a button press away from those who you take care of.


The fast moving nature of sales stresses the importance of availability and managing uncertain levels of demand. The key to all of this is an IoT platform that makes you aware of metrics that matter most.

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