Vypin Unveils the Latest in Shipment Integrity with Overpass reSeal™

Alpharetta, GA: Vypin, LLC announces the launch of Overpass reSeal™, a reusable electronic seal solution that delivers real-time visibility into shipment integrity. Key capabilities of this Overpass system include automated gate access to distribution centers, en-route notifications when seal is compromised, location-based yard management, and a delivery date/time stamp for contract audit support.

“If the reSeal has not been compromised, drivers can take advantage of no-touch check-in at the destination, allowing them to get back on the road as quickly as possible,” notes Chuck Herzog, President of Vypin.  Brian Robbins, VP of Sales, Vypin, adds: “The reusability factor of the reSeal makes the cost per shipment highly affordable.”

Key reSeal Features:

  •  Talks directly (up to 300 feet) to mobile phones and tablets
  •  Also compatible with low-cost fixed cloud gateways
  •  Tag activates when connected
  •  Unique Seal Integrity Code for each shipment
  • Time in transit (lock time) stored in reseal

About Vypin

Vypin provides data services for real time operational visibility enabled by its unique, patent-pending sensor technologies delivered in a simple yet effective low-cost architecture.  Vypin turns client operations into zones of interest, capturing asset identification, location, and state information through advanced sensors (asset status, environment status). More information is available at www.vypin.com.

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