mZone™ Architecture

mZone™ Monitoring System Architecture from Vypin

Vypin’s mZone architecture provides for real-time visibility into your company’s operations.  Much easier to install and less costly than traditional RTLS (real time location system), mZone monitoring turns your operations into zones of interest, capturing asset identification and location through advanced sensors (asset condition, environment status), and augmented temporal reasoning.

mZones in Action (MacroZone / MicroZone interplay)

MacroZonesVypin’s mZone architecture deploys a series of Gateways that establish MacroZones of approximately 200-300 foot radius.  These gateways monitor all tagged activity (identification and sensor status) within their MacroZone area and report the data in real time to Cloud Repositories either through WiFi or cellular communication.   For more granularity (for example monitoring dock doors, conveyor belts, section entrances, or perhaps staging areas), Vypin provides MicroZone monitoring capability.

MicroZones.  MicroZone capability is achieved through battery or AC powered wireless markers (called by their namesake, MicroZones).  MicroZones identify themselves to all tagged assets entering or passing through their defined zoned area.  The tagged assets combine their identification and sensor data with the MicroZone ID and forward the combined data to the Cloud via the Gateways.  MicroZone areas can be sized upon setup, ranging in distance from three feet to hundreds of feet.  MicroZones are also extremely effective for multi-story operations whereby Gateways can monitor multi-floor activities while employing MicroZones to define floor and room level monitoring coverage.  Additionally use MicroZones to MicroFence areas of interest such as all exits on a manufacturing floor.