Wireless Medication Compliance Sensing Device

Vypin has been issued patent number 9,904,885 by the United States Patent Office. The Patent, “Wireless Medication Compliance Sensing Device, System and Related Methods” addresses the World Health Organization medication adherence as defined as “the degree to which the person’s behavior corresponds with the agreed recommendations from a healthcare provider.” 

Vypin Announces IoT Mouse-Alert™ Rodent Monitoring System

Vypin announces the launch of its Mouse-Alert™ rodent monitoring system that monitors and reports the status of rodent capture systems, including spring traps, cages, live catch and release traps, even plank traps. “We didn’t make a better mousetrap – we made a mousetrap better,” reports Miles Libbey of Vypin. Mouse-Alert is a distributed sensor network that works with just about any brand of off-the-shelf trap. Best of all, the reusable Vypin Mouse-Alert system can scale from home use to restaurants and retail food stores to very large-scale industrial sites such as food preparation or pharmaceutical facilities.

Vypin Announces Licensing Partnership with Kudelski Security

“Having efficient security designed by Kudelski Security and integrated in our products is a necessary and welcomed addition to our IoT solution sets,” said Mitch Bernet, chief executive officer, Vypin. “The fact that Kudelski Security was able to tailor its vast array of security offerings to our specific hardware helps us to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.”

Vypin Announces SafeTstrap system for hands-free firearm security, inventory, and chain of custody

Alpharetta, GA December 19, 2017: Vypin, LLC announces its latest Internet of Things (IoT) solution: the SafeTstrap™, a wireless firearm sensing system that provides hands-free firearm security, inventory, and chain of custody (CoC). Like a gun lock, SafeTstrap™ prevents rounds from being chambered, cylinders from moving, or magazines from loading. However, SafeTstrap™ is far different than traditional gun locks.

Vypin Unveils the Latest in Shipment Integrity with Overpass reSeal™

Alpharetta, GA: Vypin, LLC announces the launch of Overpass reSeal™, a reusable electronic seal solution that delivers real-time visibility into shipment integrity. Key capabilities of this Overpass system include automated gate access to distribution centers, en-route notifications when seal is compromised, location-based yard management, and a delivery date/time stamp for contract audit support.

EverView™ IoT WorkForce Management from Vypin and LRNI Helps Companies Boost Customer Service and Ensure Personnel Compliance

Vypin LLC and LRNI announce the launch of EverView™ for WorkForce Management, a wireless IoT badging system that provides “peace of mind” for personnel operations. Key capabilities of the EverView System include workflow status of services to customers, real-time alerts when personnel approach an “off-limits” area, procedural compliance training for best practices like hand hygiene, and time and attendance.