Vypin Announces SafeTstrap system for hands-free firearm security, inventory, and chain of custody

Alpharetta, GA December 19, 2017: Vypin, LLC announces its latest Internet of Things (IoT) solution: the SafeTstrap™, a wireless firearm sensing system that provides hands-free firearm security, inventory, and chain of custody (CoC).  Like a gun lock, SafeTstrap™ prevents rounds from being chambered, cylinders from moving, or magazines from loading.  However, SafeTstrap™ is far different [...]

Vypin Unveils the Latest in Shipment Integrity with Overpass reSeal™

Alpharetta, GA: Vypin, LLC announces the launch of Overpass reSeal™, a reusable electronic seal solution that delivers real-time visibility into shipment integrity. Key capabilities of this Overpass system include automated gate access to distribution centers, en-route notifications when seal is compromised, location-based yard management, and a delivery date/time stamp for contract audit support. “If the [...]

EverView™ IoT WorkForce Management from Vypin and LRNI Helps Companies Boost Customer Service and Ensure Personnel Compliance

Vypin LLC and LRNI announce the launch of EverView™ for WorkForce Management, a wireless IoT badging system that provides “peace of mind” for personnel operations. Key capabilities of the EverView System include workflow status of services to customers, real-time alerts when personnel approach an “off-limits” area, procedural compliance training for best practices like hand hygiene, and time and attendance.