• Announcing the launch of EverView™ for WorkForce Management!

  • Announcing SafeTstrap™ – firearm security and more!  Read PR

  • Introducing OnHAND™, a hand hygiene support system designed to train practitioners.

Welcome to Vypin. We believe the right technology provides a better way to ensure safe and secure environments for our customers.

Our wireless dual frequency Beacons feature the Bluetooth Smart international standard. No pairing. No infrastructure. Download our app software on you phone or tablet and instantly interact with our Beacons. Alternatively use one of our fixed gateways for around the clock monitoring. Upload the data to the cloud for analysis and viewing anywhere in the world.

At Vypin, we give our customers the tools that keep them ahead of the competition by improving asset utilization, enhancing operational efficiency and delivering time-sensitive, actionable information to each person in the organization when and where they need it. We provide unique adaptable solutions sets, which include our cloud database, custom dashboards, hardware products and mobile APPS.


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